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When it comes to your home, leaks are usually not a good thing, no matter what the situation is. Washer leaks? Bad. Water heater leaks? Worse. Roof leaks? Disastrous. While we can debate which one of those is worse than the others, we can all agree that those leaks can lead to costly appliance repairs or replacements and nasty water damage in your home.

Another kind of leak that can be just as damaging is one that is often hard to detect. A refrigerant leak in your home’s air conditioning system can not only lead to undesirable climate control, but can also lead to costly damages to your system. Refrigerant leaks are usually caused by corrosion over time of one or more of the many tubes, connections, and joints in a cooling system. If left unchecked, leaks will lead to improper system operation and damage to your compressor. This will result in very costly A/C repairs or system replacement. Leaking refrigerant also poses an environmental hazard.

The best way to ensure that you detect a refrigerant leak and repair it, is to have proper maintenance done on your system. Your friends at Climate Control Company offer top-notch HVAC service in the Vail and Aspen areas, and will perform a thorough checkup of your cooling system. When you sign up for one of our custom maintenance agreements, we will detect any leaks or other issues and provide options for repair or possible replacement. While whole system replacement may be costly, it may be a viable alternative to your home’s aging air conditioner. Most older systems use R-22 refrigerant, which is being phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency due to its harmful tendencies to the ozone and environment. It will be completely banned by 2020. This means that R-22 is becoming harder to find, and its cost is skyrocketing. So, recharging an older system with R-22 will continue to be more and more expensive. Climate Control’s licensed professionals would be happy to help you explore system replacement options that are not only more efficient and energy-saving, but use environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. We offer a complete line of high-performance Lennox air conditioning systems, and we can help you choose the right system.

So, if your home’s cooling system is not doing the job or you suspect you may have a refrigerant leak, don’t wait for that small leak to become a big problem. Give Climate Control Company a call today for more information on a maintenance plan or repair/replacement options.

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