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Service Overview

Winters are long and temperatures extreme in Vail Valley and Glenwood Springs, Colorado, which increases the demand for heating for a large part of the year. You need a professional heating company with well-trained and experienced technicians to complete comprehensive diagnostics and heating repairs in your home to ensure guaranteed comfort for a warm, safe, and healthy winter. Climate Control Company can provide service on your existing furnace, boiler or radiant system, geothermal or solar heating system, or perform a custom installation for any application. Heating systems that use natural gas require a special safety inspection to keep from potential carbon monoxide leaks, which can cause long-term health issues and even result in death, if extreme. Whether you need heating repair, heating maintenance, a new furnace installation, or a boiler repair performed, our trained and certified staff is here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Heating, Furnaces, Ductwork Design and Consulting

Our warm air heating systems are designed to deliver an even temperature with quiet operation and superior efficiency. Proper consulting on the design of your heating systems are necessary to achieve a well-thought out and functional heating system.

Ductwork is Essential
In order to make a system truly efficient, the duct system must be the proper size and laid-out to deliver heat to the space evenly and quietly. Properly sized ductwork also keeps the equipment from overheating and short cycling. This ensures that the equipment we design will perform well for years to come.

Variable Speed Blowers
Variable speed blowers in today’s modern furnaces are the latest advancement in the industry. This technology was previously available only in larger, more expensive, commercial furnace system designs. The variable speed blower is electrically more efficient and adjusts to keep air flow constant through dirty filters or duct work. Variable speed blowers in multiple zone systems can also be used to deliver the right amount of air to each zone on the system.

Forced Air Heating Partners

Boiler (Hydronics) Systems:

The boiler is the heart of virtually all hydronic heating systems. The boiler is used to heat a medium, usually water, which is then distributed throughout a home or commercial building to provide comfortable heat. Boilers are flexible because the fluid that will be distributed throughout the building can be heated using multiple methods. Natural gas is the preferred method if it is readily available. LPG (propane) and fuel oil are just some other examples of the many ways to heat the medium.

The boiler system includes piping, pumps and some form of distribution to heat the space. Radiators, baseboard, and fan coils are common examples of heat distribution. The newest form of distribution is radiant floor heating, which runs tubing underneath the floor to provide total and even comfort.

Boilers have very few moving parts and as a result are generally very reliable. It doesn’t mean you can ignore maintenance. Take a look at this blog to learn much more about the maintenance requirements of boilers. One of the keys is treating the water or other liquid to avoid corrosion and scaling inside the boiler. Climate Control features the Fernox brand of treatment products.

Boilers and hydronic heat systems have their roots in Northern Europe but are very popular in the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys. They are an efficient alternative to forced air heating in many aspects. Advantages of hydronic heating are the ability to zone areas allowing for custom temperature control in different rooms and areas of your home or business.

Copper piping, although slightly more expensive to install, will save money in the long run based on copper retaining heat for a longer period of time. After the boiler shuts down, heat will continue to be emitted because of this retained heat. The piping is also smaller than duct systems and is easily worked into smaller spaces, so it can be disguised and help keep the natural beauty of a home.

Radiant heat may also be beneficial to your health because it does not spread dust, mold, or toxins into your living or working space like some forced-air systems can. They may also allow more humidity to be maintained in conditioned spaces.

Hydronic boilers come in all shapes, sizes and configurations and can be used in multiple applications. Overall, hydronic boilers are an affordable option you should consider when it comes to heating your home or business during a cold Colorado winter.

Boiler Manufacturers We Service:

Climate Control Company specializes in designing radiant heating for Avon, Colorado or snowmelt systems that best fit our client’s needs in Vail Valley. We can design and consult on systems that include heating the floors, walls and ceilings to overcome heat loss.

Whether you are in the Roaring Fork, Vail or Grand Valleys or the surrounding Western Slope, give our office a call today for a convenient appointment to learn more about how we can meet your heating needs, including heating repairradiant heat systems, snowmelt or any other heating or ductwork design or consultation.

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