Keep That Rental Rentable With An AC Tune-Up

Keep That Rental Rentable With An AC Tune-Up

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Keep That Rental Rentable With An AC Tune-Up

This time of the year is great for rental property owners in Colorado. Chances are you are booked solid for the entire holiday period. Especially if we happen to get some nice early snow on the Western Slope. What could possibly go wrong? Well, we don’t want to jinx you, but what’s your HVAC situation with your rental home or condominium development? Have you had furnace maintenance for the season? Do you know who you’re going to call if you happen to need a heating repair?

A heating or cooling breakdown over a long holiday weekend will cost you a lot of money. And what if the breakdown involves a part that has to be special ordered on a holiday weekend? It could take days for it to arrive and get your furnace repair completed on that rental home in Aspen, CO. Imagine the bad publicity when disappointed clients start posting their stories on social media.

Let Climate Control Company show you how we can help prevent those breakdowns. We offer regular maintenance for residential clients through our Comfort Club. We also have custom maintenance plans available for our commercial clients. The plan can be geared to your particular needs. No matter what plan you have, one of the added benefits is we will always have more of your parts in stock. When we do our regular maintenance, we will order any parts showing signs of wearing out. Those parts will be waiting for you if your system should fail. Additionally, we always keep commonly replaced items in stock.

Whenever possible, your heating repair will be completed with OEM parts. What’s that you ask? It’s another way to make sure you are getting what you pay for. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It means the part meets the same standard of performance as the original part supplied by the manufacturer. Aftermarket parts may or may not meet the same standards and could lead to more problems down the road.

The next few weeks can make or break for many rental property owners. A busy holiday season can turn a poor year into a good one, and a good year into a great one. Don’t take a chance on a heating breakdown ruining your chance to capitalize on the demand. Call Climate Control now to learn how affordable the peace of mind from a maintenance plan can be. Climate Control Company, comfort driven, Colorado style since 1956.

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