Mini Splits can Make Home Improvements a Breeze

Mini Splits can Make Home Improvements a Breeze

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Mini Splits can Make Home Improvements a Breeze

The holidays are almost here and you can’t help but remember what happened last year. You had people sleeping on sofa beds and air mattresses. The house was so crowded it took away from the fun. You could call it the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back because you decided to add a new guest room in what used to be the attic. Hopefully, your project was a success, but one difficult thing in those situations is heating and cooling the new living space.

Climate Control Company wants to make sure you know about ductless mini split heat pumps, and why they are a nearly perfect solution for those HVAC challenges. [link video here] The technology has advanced rapidly in just a few years making mini splits much more efficient at heating and cooling in all climates. Because there is no need to add any ductwork, the installation is simple. All a mini split system needs is a connection between the indoor air handler(s) and the outside compressor. It can be as simple as a three-inch hole in the exterior wall.

Ductless heating and cooling is not only for a single guest room. They can be used in multiple rooms or areas of the house, and are the ultimate in what’s called zoning, or custom control. Maybe you also want to add some comfort to a sun porch? As many as four air handlers can be connected to the compressor and each one is controlled by its own thermostat. With mini split systems, you can shut off the heat in the new guest room when the holiday guests leave, and not turn it on again until it’s needed.

Mini split technology is the same as is used on heat pumps in millions of homes, but they are forced air systems using ducts. A central system can easily lose from 25% to 40% of its efficiency as the conditioned air moves through the ducts. Mini splits deliver the conditioned air directly to that new guest room without having to worry about things like leaky ducts. Climate Control features mini splits by Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.

Why stop with a single new guest room? Why not a man cave in the Garage? A new game room in the unfinished basement? Whatever your next heating and cooling challenge, call Climate Control to learn more about mini splits. Once you go ductless for heating and cooling, you’ll never go back. Climate Control Company, comfort driven, Colorado style since 1956.

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