Don’t Ignore Your Snow Melt System

Don’t Ignore Your Snow Melt System

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Don’t Ignore Your Snow Melt System

We know you really, really, love looking out the window and seeing your snow and ice melt system at work. Not having to shovel that driveway or parking lot is wonderful. But too many people in Aspen and the Western Slope install hydronic snow melt systems and then forget about them. As great as they are, without regular service a snow melt system can waste a lot of your money. How’s that possible you ask?

Think about it. These systems are designed to heat thousands of square feet of pavement or concrete surfaces. If there are any problems causing your system to run unnecessarily, it can easily cost you $50 to $100 an hour. Do you have that sort of money to waste? We didn’t think so. The only way to make sure that’s not happening is to have a Climate Control professional inspect your system regularly to make sure it’s only turning on when it’s supposed to.

It’s also important to get annual service on your high efficiency boiler responsible for heating the water that melts the snow and ice. A professional inspection will make sure:

  • The boiler is burning the fuel efficiently
  • There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Check for proper operation of pressure relief valves
  • The water doesn’t need a treatment to prevent corrosion

Listen, we understand how easy it is to forget about maintenance on your boiler. It’s not like a forced air furnace with blowers and fans cycling on and off all day. After a while, you even forget the boiler is there. While that’s a good thing, it’s a bad thing as well. Boilers require annual maintenance to make sure they are operating efficiently and more importantly, to make sure they are operating safely.

For those of you who are still breaking your back with a snow shovel, struggling to start a snowblower, or paying money for snow removal, isn’t it time to call Climate Control? Let us show you how you too can have a radiant snow and ice melting system at your home or business. Come on, admit it, wouldn’t a motorcycle look good in your garage taking the spot now occupied by your snow blower?

We know you wouldn’t be living on the Western Slope if you weren’t able to deal with, or maybe even like the winter weather. But it’s a lot more fun when you don’t have to deal with snow and ice every time a storm rolls through. Save the snow for the resorts so you can shred the powder on your board. Call Climate Control Company to schedule a service call for your snow melt system, or to find out how you can have one installed.