The Valley of Oh No! | Contractors | Codes

The Valley of Oh No! | Contractors | Codes

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Bet you thought you operated your business in the Western Slope, but a better description of our area during the heating season is the “Valley of Oh No!” What in the world does that mean, you ask? Climate Control consistently deals with a huge dilemma when trying to help our customers with their heating system issues. When a specific part is needed, our supply houses often reply, “Oh no. We don’t have that in stock, but we can get it from Denver.” Another obstacle we face is the inability to provide next day service with an ordered part. Typically, the delivery time is two days, which is very frustrating for both Climate Control and you. Finally, our local supply houses aren’t very flexible with their availability should a part be needed after hours or on the weekend.

To combat the Valley of Oh No! mentality and ensure dependable and timely repairs, we recommend you keep basic spare parts on hand for the critical operation of your furnace, such as an ignitor, inducer assembly, blower motor or control board. Parts to have available for a boiler would include a spare pump, zone valve, ignitor or a control board.

Aside from being able to assure a quick repair in the event of a failure, there are other reasons to keep extra repair parts on hand, such as, the resale value of your rental properties could be enhanced, especially if the heating system is older and repair parts are becoming obsolete; and, broken or malfunctioning heating systems can mean downtime in your business operations, costing you both time and money.

Did you know that HVAC contractors in the state of Colorado are not required to be licensed or have previous experience? Using a company without the proper certifications may not only be penny-foolish, but it can also be dangerous. Carbon monoxide is a silent and potential killer. Make sure you use a company like Climate Control for your heating service, repairs and maintenance. We have the experience, knowledge of the industry and codes as well as the proper credentials to give you peace of mind that the products and services will keep your employees, customers and lessees comfortable and safe all year long!

As we begin our journey into 2016, all of us at Climate Control say, “Thank you” for choosing us as your number one choice for your home and business comfort systems. Quality service and satisfied customers drive us to a standard of excellence that exceeds our competition.

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