Choosing the Right Contractor is Harder Than You Think!

Choosing the Right Contractor is Harder Than You Think!

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In Colorado, on the Western slope, anyone can be a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor (HVAC contractor for short), whether they have experience or not. Licensing for HVAC contractors is not required in our area. It would be like giving your taxes to a non-CPA, whom you’ve never met, on the word of someone you don’t know well. To look at it another way, having your taxes done improperly, could be financially damaging while using an unlicensed HVAC contractor can have financial, and, even worse, health and safety repercussions, too! Carbon monoxide poisoning, property damage, poor indoor air quality, being too hot or too cold or needing unnecessary repairs or system adjustments are just some of the issues that may occur. An unlicensed HVAC contractor may have the lowest price, which is the highest selling point, but at what overall cost? Just because a company says they’re the best doesn’t make it so. Know the credentials of the company you choose before you sign a contract with them.

The “safety valve” of the construction process is the code inspector. On a new build, the code officials will see the HVAC systems twice, once at rough-in stage and then at the final inspection. While they may spend an hour per HVAC system, they are looking at all the systems: electrical, plumbing and HVAC; and, they may have no trade experience. The code officials really aren’t to blame, however. They’re counting on the contractors to know the codes and do the installs according to the specifications. When someone says they are the best HVAC contractor, a good follow up question may be, “In what code jurisdiction is my project located?” If the contractor can’t answer, they probably don’t know the codes.

The trained and licensed technicians at Climate Control see code violations and improperly installed equipment almost every day. Often times, we view these poorly installed jobs as the primary focus of our service department. We find ourselves fixing an installation for which the property owner paid good money. Verbal assurance that you’re getting “the best job” is an empty promise if not backed up by credentials and knowledge of codes. Don’t rely on guesswork and high hopes. There are no short cuts to a job well-done.

In this age of DIY projects and unlimited knowledge via the internet, we do our homework to ensure we know the applicable codes for our area. Climate Control has the standards in place to not only meet the codes but to exceed them. Just meeting the status quo is not good enough for us or you as our valued customer. We provide ongoing training for our technicians to keep them up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technology. They not only follow the code requirements but the manufacturers’ recommendations for the highest quality installation possible. We’re building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust. You can have peace of mind that your complete satisfaction, safety and comfort are the greatest importance to us.

When selecting a contractor, HVAC, or any type, be sure to do your homework, and ask lots of questions!