Radiant Floor Heat With an Outdoor Wood Boiler

Radiant Floor Heat With an Outdoor Wood Boiler

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Radiant Floor Heat With an Outdoor Wood Boiler

Many people have this nostalgic feeling about gathering firewood. You know what I mean, almost romantic memories of going into the mountains and cutting down trees to burn in your wood stove or fireplace. But the romance disappears quickly if you’ve ever had to gather enough firewood to heat your entire Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home. Cutting down trees and chopping 8-10 cords of firewood is hard and dangerous work.

Think it through

That’s why Climate Control Company wants you to think long and hard before deciding to use a wood-fired central boiler with a radiant heating system in your home. Homeowners who do it generally say it’s all about saving money. That may be true in some cases, but it’s not always the case when you factor in the cost of equipment (chain saw, cables, heavy duty pickup, fuel) not to mention the value of your time. Some people may buy their firewood, but when you do that are you really saving that much money?

Carbon footprint

Just like many other heating devices, wood-fired central boilers are much more efficient than they used to be. But you would be hard-pressed to make the argument they are as efficient as radiant heating, as gas boilers and natural gas burns much more cleanly with much less particulate pollution.

Many models to choose from

Climate Control carries a full line of gas-fired central boilers to provide for radiant heating and your hot water needs. Depending on the model, these can have efficiency ratings of 95% or higher. If you don’t have natural gas service available, propane and fuel oil boilers are also available.

We’re not trying to rain on your parade

There’s always a place for burning wood. There’s nothing like the ambiance of a fireplace or campfire, especially in the west where many of us were raised in homes heated with wood stoves. But times change and Climate Control Company believes the modern alternatives are much more efficient and environmentally sound when it comes to central boilers and radiant heating. Call to learn more about the best boiler for your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.