HVAC Install Guide

HVAC Install Guide

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HVAC Install Guide

It’s Installation Day—Rest Easy Climate Control Has Your Back

The big day is here. It’s installation day for your new heating and/or cooling system. It’s normal to feel a little nervous, but the team at Climate Control Company will quickly put you at ease. We know and understand how critical the day is to make sure your new system operates efficiently for years to come.

Our technicians see examples of poor HVAC installations on a regular basis while doing heating and air conditioning work in Aspen, Vail, and the surrounding areas. In some of those cases, the installation problems meant the system never functioned correctly, required extra furnace or air conditioner repairs, and even shortened the life of the system. It won’t be the case with Climate Control since every HVAC installation we do is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can check out this video to learn more about what your installation day experience will be like, including the items on this checklist:

  • Climate Control team will arrive in uniforms
  • Remove old unit
  • Haul away & dispose of properly
  • Thoroughly test new unit following installation
  • Check back to assure proper operation & client satisfaction

In order for a replacement or new installation to be a success, the planning has to start long before the workers show up. Our expert comfort specialists will help you choose the right equipment. Proper system sizing and air flow design is critical to insure even cooling and heating, and overall system efficiency.

All of the preparation can be wasted if your system is not properly installed. Climate Control HVAC technicians find four common problems:

  • Refrigerant system not properly charged – As improbable as it sounds, too many installers don’t take the time and effort to follow manufacturer’s recommendations. An incorrect refrigerant level affects the cooling efficiency, and can also cause long-term damage to your system.
  • Inadequate airflow – This is a problem for heating and cooling. The result is rooms or areas of the home that are uncomfortable, requiring your system to work harder, increasing energy use, and potentially shortening equipment life.
  • Poor quality ductwork – This can contribute to the airflow issues. Central systems can lose up to 30% of their efficiency as the conditioned air moves through the ductwork if the ducts have leaks or weren’t properly installed.
  • Installation shortcuts – Some HVAC contractors try to cut corners and save money by not installing critical components, resulting in reduced system life and increased AC or furnace service calls.

Since 1956, Climate Control has had a reputation of being your HVAC problem solvers. When it comes to installation, we’ll make sure the problems don’t exist to start with. From unique to standard, from residential to large custom commercial, to geothermal and radiant, our team will make sure the project is done right. Every job we do will come with one of the strongest WRITTEN guarantees you will find. So, don’t be nervous about HVAC installation day, just get ready to enjoy the comfort your new heating and/or cooling system will bring.