Dog Days Have You Thinking about a Furnace Repair

Dog Days Have You Thinking about a Furnace Repair

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Dog Days Have You Thinking about a Furnace Repair

Summer Heat Will Soon Give Way to Fall—Get Ready Now

How’s the family dog doing these days? Spending a lot of time running through the lawn sprinkler? Or maybe frolicking in that wading pool you bought? Gee, maybe it’s why they call these the dog days of summer. The days are getting shorter, and the first night of freezing temperatures is likely just a few weeks away because we love living in the mountains.

Certainly there is going to be some hot weather. According to the U.S. Climate Data website, our average high temperature in August is 85 degrees. If you are having some problems with the AC, check out our troubleshooting video. It might save you from having to make an emergency call for HVAC repair before the summer is over.

For now, let’s make the assumption you’ve been staying on top of your cooling system maintenance and you’re ready for the remaining hot weather.  Then it’s time to start thinking about heating season, or as many people who live in Colorado like to call it, “the get outside and enjoy every possible form of cold weather recreation” season.

What you don’t want is to come home from the slopes or snowmobiling trip and find a cold house because you need a furnace repair. Whether you have radiant heat with a high efficiency boiler, a gas furnace, or an electric heat pump, now is the right time to have a Climate Control technician make sure it’s ready for what’s ahead. Here are just a few things to think about before the cold weather arrives:

  • Boilers:
    • Hydronic heat (using water or another liquid) is more efficient than forced air heating, but the boilers require regular maintenance and there is a specific startup procedure to be followed each year. Without proper attention, the boiler can be affected by rust, pitting, and corrosion shortening its life and causing it to lose peak efficiency.
  • Radiant Heat:
    • Boilers are used in some form of radiant heat. The most common today is radiant floor heat. The heating elements are installed in the floor to give you the luxurious feel of warm floors, even during the coldest weather. Talk with Climate Control about installing radiant floor heat as part of your remodeling project or new construction.
  • Furnaces:
    • Most forced air furnaces are fueled by natural gas or propane. In either case, a special safety inspection is a must before the weather turns cold. Our technicians will test for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. The odorless gas is not only deadly, but even at very low levels can cause long-term health issues.
  • Thermostats:
    • If you still don’t have a programmable Wi-Fi enabled thermostat now is the perfect time to get one. If you’re leaving for a weekend ski trip this winter, it allows you to turn the heat down while you’re gone. You can either pre-program it to warm the house up on the day you return, or simply use your smartphone to turn the heat up while you’re in the car driving home. Used correctly, a programmable thermostat will save you money every month.

Listen, we’re not trying to ruin your fun as you watch the family dog splash around in the wading pool. By all means, enjoy the dog days of summer, but follow the scouting motto and be prepared for what is coming by calling for HVAC service. Climate Control Company is your heating and air conditioning problem solver for Vail, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and the entire Western Slope.