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New Year, New Furnace! Get Your Installation Today

new furnace installation from climate control company

New Year, New Furnace: Schedule Your Installation Today!

Winter has officially arrived on the Colorado Western Slope. If you’ve lived here for very long, you know it’s cold and going to get colder. If your furnace is at least 12 to 15 years old and you’ve been hobbling along year after year hoping to get just one more season, it’s time to consider a new, more efficient furnace installation from Climate Control Company

Now, more than ever is the best time for a furnace replacement. The tax credits we’ve recently enjoyed have been continued and expanded with the Inflation Reduction Act. That means the energy tax credits will continue to apply to specific high-efficiency furnaces as well as many other energy saving home improvements. 

Since furnaces, like some other heavily used home appliances, tend to malfunction or completely break down when it is least convenient, now’s the time to take advantage of the economic benefits you can enjoy. Climate Control Company also has financing options with approved credit, so a new furnace installation can be yours sooner than later. 

Why a Furnace Replacement Now Is Smart

  • HVAC technology is always evolving, ever improving. A new furnace has increased efficiency, allowing it to convert energy to heat with lower energy use, and with some models, with the least amount of lost energy. Some are as high as 98% efficient!
  • Cost savings can be even higher with a programmable thermostat. Some smart thermostats can be controlled with an app, enabling you to have complete control over your home environment from your electronic devices.
  • Many furnace manufacturers are projecting price increases soon. Acting now will allow you to get the best system for your budget.

Climate Control Company is family owned and has been serving the residents of Vail, Aspen, Glenwood Springs and the surrounding areas since 1956. Our HVAC technicians are highly skilled and receive ongoing training to stay at the top of their trade. We can deliver a professional furnace installation that meets your needs and satisfaction. 

Call Climate Control Company today to schedule your no-cost consultation with one of our Comfort Specialists.