How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

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How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

In just a couple weeks the unofficial summer season will kick off with the Memorial Day weekend. While you’re making plans for summer recreation in the mountains or at the lake, make sure your home stays comfortable when the hot sun is beating down on your house.

Regular maintenance is the key

Even if your A/C seems to be working well it’s a good idea to have it inspected, serviced and cleaned every year. It’s the best way to ensure peak energy efficiency of your air conditioner. It makes the most sense to have the air conditioning maintenance done now, in the spring, prior to the start of the hottest weather in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Vail, CO

Keep it clean is a great motto

The air conditioner or heat pump in your home accumulates dust and dirt that affects its efficiency. Dirty condensing coils and air filters reduce operating efficiency each year that A/C maintenance is ignored. A tune-up will always include a thorough inspection and cleaning of your outside compressor and the components making up your indoor air handler.

Pay now or pay later

Annual air conditioning maintenance should be considered a good investment. Here are just a few ways it can pay for itself:

  • Increased energy efficiency of your air conditioner cutting bills up to 15% per month
  • Prevents breakdowns and expensive repairs because a qualified technician can often spot small problems before they cause big problems
  • Help your air conditioner last longer

Compare that to having to replace your air conditioner prematurely which, by contrast, will cost thousands of dollars.

Know when to hold ‘em & know when to fold ‘em

As important as air conditioning maintenance is, it can’t work miracles. The time will come when it makes more sense to replace your current cooling system rather than pay for expensive repairs. Climate Control will educate you on your options and provide you a no obligation estimate for a new air conditioner in your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home so you can make an informed decision about repair versus replacement.

Know who you are hiring

When you hire an HVAC company make sure its technicians are properly licensed by the appropriate agency (usually the state). The company must have workers’ compensation and liability insurance to protect you in case something goes wrong while the work is being done. Rest assured, Climate Control Company will be happy to show you proof of proper licensing and insurance before doing any work in your home. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information.