Fight Colds and The Flu with Good Indoor Air Quality

Fight Colds and The Flu with Good Indoor Air Quality

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Flu-Season-Climate-Control-Company-300x219Unfortunately, our mountain air is not always fresh; the way air flows through our valleys makes the outdoor air impure, with both allergens and pollutants. The air outside naturally makes its way inside, bringing those unhealthy impurities with it. It is highly recommended that you manage your home’s indoor air – making it the highest quality you possibly can so that your body can better fight off the stuff in the outside air.

From Influenza to the Common Cold

The Center for Disease Control states that the flu season hits the U.S. as early as October, affecting nearly 5%-20% Americans yearly. Even more menacing than the flu, however, is the common cold. Adults typically contract 2-3 colds annually, while children are affected even more. However, impure air is not the only culprit – humidity levels also have an effect. Air that is too dry is just as harmful as having too much moisture. Maintaining 40-60% indoor relative humidity will help to prevent the spread of airborne viruses in your home.

The Role of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Whether you’re located in Vail, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and/or other surrounding areas, your heating and air conditioning system has more of an effect on indoor air quality than you may realize. Cracked heat exchangers can contribute to the emission of toxic, deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home; clogged and dirty air filters can restrict airflow and send pollutants into the air; air ducts that haven’t been cleaned in years can harbor mold, allergens, and more – and that’s just the beginning. The particles that become trapped in air filters and air ducts can also spread bacteria, viruses, and other germs. If you want to breathe clean indoor air, your heating and air conditioning unit must be maintained properly.

Rental Homes and Indoor Air Quality

Many area property owners have seasonal homes or rental properties, which are far more vulnerable to an unhealthy, stale indoor environment than full-time residences due to a lack of constant air movement. The air quality experts at Climate Control have the products required to clear the air, make allergens disappear, and have your property smelling fresh! If you have rental properties, our products will have interested tenants referring your great property to their friends! Be sure to ask about the plugin ionizer, REME HALO™ by RGF®. It will become your best friend!

Contact Our Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Our comfort specialists can assess and diagnose the obstacles keeping you from enjoying the purest air possible. Our custom solutions can meet your needs and your budget; contact our office today for more information on “clearing the air”!