ClearWave®: Where Comfort Meets Technology

ClearWave®: Where Comfort Meets Technology

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Save-your-Money-300x197 Have you heard about the newest water softener product? Many of our customers who have come to us for heating and air conditioning in Aspen, and a number of our plumbing customers as well, have been asking us for information about the new ClearWave®. If you are tired of carrying softener bags from the car to your home, ClearWave® technology is the perfect alternative. ClearWave® offers a tankless water softener and water treatment process, providing easy water softening and water purification without salt or chemicals. Installation is simple and easy; the system is environmentally friendly; it is maintenance free; and the cost of the system is equivalent to your annual spending on salt/chemicals.

How the ClearWave® Technology Works

ClearWave® uses magnetic microprocessor technology and electrostatic devices to remove scale, debris, and dirt from hard water.

The formation of scale in homes and buildings using hard water is a result of calcium and magnesium particles that stick to each other. These particles tend to attach themselves to pipes, sinks, toilets, and elements inside your water heater. Over time this layer of scale can become quite thick, restricting water flow and can be damaging to elements in your water heater. Scale build-up causes inefficiency, resulting in higher utility bills. The ClearWave® technology emits electromagnetic waves that attack and neutralize free flowing magnesium and calcium particles, thus preventing new formation of scale, while dissolving away existing scale build-up. It protects your entire plumbing system.

The distillation process protects the heat exchanger of your water heater from premature failure due to poor water quality. ClearWave® conditions hard water without the expense and hassle of salt, chemicals, or traditional hard water systems.

ClearWave® has been tested against interference with other electronic communication devices and with correct placement, ClearWave® causes no interference with these devices, making having pure water in the home even easier.

Benefits of Using the ClearWave® Water Conditioner

  • It’s easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • ClearWave® is environmentally friendly
  • No need for salt, chemicals, or special treatment
  • Prevents damaging scale build-up
  • Removes scale build-up that is already present
  • Protects pipes, water heaters, and appliances
  • ClearWave® works on all types of piping
  • Uses less water than traditional water softeners

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Climate Control Company does more than just heating repair in Vail Valley! We can help you learn more about the ClearWave® water conditioner, and can help you on your way to cleaner water with no salt, no chemicals, no special tools, and no down time. Contact Climate Control Company for all your indoor comfort needs, whether it’s radiant floor heat in Avon, CO, boiler heating in Beaver Creek, CO, furnace repair in Edwards, CO, or plumbing anywhere throughout the area!

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