What do furnace energy efficiency ratings mean?

What do furnace energy efficiency ratings mean?

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What do furnace energy efficiency ratings mean?

There are many things to consider when you’re in the market for a new furnace but it’s important to have some knowledge in your back pocket to help in the process. Climate Control Company knows the title of this blog is all about energy efficiency in furnaces and we’ll get to that later. For many people efficiency ratings aren’t always a top priority.

What’s the price?

This is usually the first question a client is going to ask when it comes to putting a new furnace in his or her Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home or business. We understand cost is an important factor, but it may be a mistake to make it THE MOST important factor in your decision. In general, the cheaper a furnace could mean the less efficient it is. In other words, you will be spending more money each month to keep your home comfortable.


We do love us some acronyms in the heating and cooling industry. This is an important one and this is what it stands for:





In simple language, if the AFUE rating is 75 it means 75% of the fuel’s energy is being used to heat your home or business. Twenty-five percent of the energy or heat is wasted and ends up being vented to the outside. Obviously the higher the rating the more efficient the furnace is.

High efficiency

The next question you likely have is what’s considered to be high energy efficiency in a gas furnace? In order to be considered an Energy Star qualified appliance it must have an AFUE rating of 95%. To compare, furnaces that are 20 or more years old could have a rating as low 55% to 70%. Medium efficiency is a rating of 80% to 85%. Anything above 90% is considered high efficiency.

Best for me

Only you can decide which furnace and level of energy efficiency is right for you. This is where it all circles back to the issue of cost. Climate Control firmly believes you should buy and install the most energy-efficient furnace you can afford. Many times, we can save you money with coupon specials throughout the year. Our staff is also familiar with manufacturer and utility company rebates. In general, a furnace with greater energy efficiency is more likely to qualify for rebates.

Installation is key

There’s a saying in our business, the most important day in the life of a new furnace is installation day. A 95% efficient furnace will never reach that level if it’s installed incorrectly. No matter how high-tech, the equipment can only do what it is allowed to do and that’s determined by the people who do the install. It’s why you should depend only on companies with the experience and expertise to do the job correctly.

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