What Causes Corrosion In Boilers?

What Causes Corrosion In Boilers?

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What Causes Corrosion In Boilers?

Some familiar warnings to live by:

  • “Never step on a rusty nail or you will have to get a tetanus shot.”
  • “Don’t buy a car from a northern state because it’s a rust bucket.”
  • “Make sure to always cover the gas grill when you’re done, or it will rust.”

It’s pretty clear what they all have in common: rust or other types of corrosion. Climate Control Company wants to add another warning to the list: Corrosion is a major problem when it comes to the boiler that provides heat, and in some cases hot water, in your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home.

Why Rust Happens

Corrosion happens when oxygen reacts with metal (most often iron or steel) which oxidizes to form rust. When this happens a smooth, steel surface becomes pitted and the pits are conducive to creating even more corrosion. Eventually the rust eats away the metal, turning those pits into holes.

Protecting Your Boiler

If the corrosion gets that bad inside your HVAC boiler the only solution is buying a new one…not something you want to do. Regular boiler maintenance will inhibit corrosion assuring your expensive boiler lasts as long as possible. Boiler maintenance includes:

  • Examination of vent and flue
  • Check the heat exchanger for any dangerous cracks
  • Flush the system as needed to get rid of rust in the water
  • Bleed the system to remove unwanted air

Climate Control is also a big believer in treating the water in your radiant heating system. This will inhibit the chemical reactions that cause the damaging corrosion

Boilers Are Easy to Ignore

One of the big advantages of radiant systems is the lack of noise. Compared to the noisy fans and blowers used on forced air systems, boilers are nearly silent. The downside is people tend to forget about boiler maintenance which can lead to serious corrosion problems.

Make the Call

Don’t let rust and corrosion get the best of your boiler. Call Climate Control Company now to set up a program for regular boiler maintenance for your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home and/or business. The best way is to sign up for a Comfort Club membership which comes with several advantages in addition to regular HVAC maintenance. For more great information be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.