What is a Swamp Cooler?

What is a Swamp Cooler?

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You might agree that the most curious thing about a swamp cooler is its name! Also commonly known as evaporative coolers, these devices are cost-effective and also energy-efficient, cooling homes best that are located in dry, arid areas. As you read on and become interested in learning more about these cooling systems, know that you can always contact your preferred Glenwood Springs air conditioning company for more information, recommendations, and installation.

So Why Are They Called Swamp Coolers?

Contrary to what many people first think, it’s important to note that the swamp cooler should not be used in humid, moist or swampy regions. These devices actually add humidity into the air, and if used in an already humid area the resulting level of humidity can not only be uncomfortable but can also promote mold and mildew growth inside a home. Therefore, they function best in dry climates, such as those in the southwestern United States. Not sure if this type of device would be beneficial for your home? Experts in heating and air conditioning in Vail and surrounding areas can help!

How Do Swamp Coolers Work?

This is where the alternative name “evaporative cooler” comes into play. These coolers work by using a small motor that powers a fan, passing warm outside air over pads that are saturated with water. The water in those pads evaporates into the air and flows into the home, forcing the warmer air out of windows that are cracked open just enough to permit the right amount of air flow. (It’s important to make sure windows are open enough to prevent humidity build-up, but not so much that the cooler air flows right out of them!)

How Effective is an Evaporative Cooler?

A properly-used cooler can cool a home by as much as forty degrees! Small, single-room units can cool a room by as much as 15 degrees. To regulate the temperature, users should remember to open windows on the side of the house (or room) that are furthest from the cooler. It’s important to remember tough that windows that are open wider will produce a warmer indoor temperature and windows that are open less wide will give a cooler temperature.

If you own a swamp cooler or are considering installing one, contact your Aspen air conditioning experts to help guide your decision on type, size, installation options and more. Climate Control Company is available for all your cooling needs, and we proudly serve the areas of Vail, Aspen, Glenwood Springs and all surrounding areas. Contact us today!