The Battle of the Thermostat: Let Dad Win on Father’s Day

The Battle of the Thermostat: Let Dad Win on Father’s Day

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CCCAre you guilty of turning the thermostat in your home up or down when your partner wasn’t looking? Have you nonchalantly walked by that thermostat, giving it a quick extra tap or turn? According to a poll done by YouGov, you’re not alone! In general, men prefer a cooler house while women prefer a higher temperature maintained in the home, and couples argue about thermostat control fairly often.

A survey for energy efficiency advisers, TheGreenAge, found that 24% of couples argue about central heating, and this includes arguments about changing the temperature, turning the heat on during the winter and how long it is left on for. 44% of women who were polled admitted to switching on the heat or turning it up when their partners weren’t looking.

On the other hand, 42% of men who were polled said they’d turned the thermostat down without their partners looking and 38% admitted to shutting it off altogether!

One in four married couples admit to arguing regularly about temperature control in the home, according to Men tend to prefer homes colder, and women turn up the heat most often. Psychologists say that women’s skin sensors are twice as sensitive as men’s, so women are more sensitive to changes in temperature.

Daily Mail reports that Mike Tipton of Portsmouth University states that women and men have very different physiology and perception when it comes to temperature. “Women feel the cold more and are driven to take immediate action, whilst men are generally less sensitive to the cold and are driven to take immediate action,” he states.

Whether Father’s Day this year will call for chilly temperatures outdoors or sizzling heat, ladies why not let your husband have control over the thermostat on his special day? Celebrate Father’s Day with a pledge that there will be no sneaking to turn up the heat and no arguing when the man in your life opts to turn it down.

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