Signs Your Heat Exchanger May Be Cracked

Signs Your Heat Exchanger May Be Cracked

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Signs Your Heat Exchanger May Be Cracked

Signs Your Heat Exchanger May Be Cracked

We’re in the midst of the coldest months of the year on the Western Slope. With overnight low temperatures in the teens, having little or no heat in your home isn’t an option. When you need a heating repair or replacement, Climate Control Company can help

If you notice cracking, popping or banging when the furnace turns on, the possibility is high the heat exchanger is cracked. Continuing to run your furnace with a cracked heat exchanger can eventually cause it to fail altogether. Most importantly, operating your furnace when you need a heat exchanger repair is dangerous for your health, causing serious issues or even death. Climate Control Company has the knowledge and expertise to repair your heat exchanger quickly to keep you safe and your home at the level of comfort you desire.


In addition to the odd sounds we already mentioned, there are several signs that should never be ignored when it comes to your furnace.

  1. An odd odor – Often a cracked heat exchanger will emit an unpleasant smell like formaldehyde, which smells like a strong pickle odor.
  2. A change in the color of your flame – The flame that heats your air is visible in most furnaces. When the heat exchanger needs to be repaired, the flame won’t be the normal blue color. Also, since a heat exchanger is sealed, cracks allow air inside, causing the flame to waver back and forth.
  3. The presence of carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide (CO) is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Every home should have a CO detector. If yours is sounding the alarm, turn off your furnace immediately, and call a professional HVAC company like Climate Control Company for help.
  4. Visible cracks or corrosion – If you notice cracks or corrosion on other areas of your furnace, call Climate Control Company right away.
  5. Excess soot builds up – A buildup of white soot around or in the burners of the furnace indicate a problem that’s possibly the heat exchanger.

Never wait until you see usual things happening with your furnace to seek help. Having regular furnace maintenance with a reliable HVAC company allows the technician to inspect and clean your furnace inside and out to prevent serious events like a cracked heat exchanger.

Call Climate Control Company today to schedule system maintenance or a heat exchanger repair.