HVAC Can be Key to Selling House

HVAC Can be Key to Selling House

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HVAC Can be Key to Selling House

It could be a new job. It could be retirement. It could be downsizing after the kids leave home. Eventually, just about everyone will go through the experience of selling a house. And everyone wants to make sure they get the best return on their investment.

In other words, it’s time to get busy with the scrub brush and paint brush to make sure your home stands out from all the other houses for sale. But that’s part of the problem. Often times, all the emphasis is put on cosmetics or curb appeal. But take this tip from your friends at Climate Control Company: Please don’t forget about your HVAC system and other home comfort appliances.

If your air conditioner, furnace, and ductwork look old, dirty, and generally ignored, they are not going to make a good impression. If you’ve never upgraded to a programmable thermostat, your home is going to feel dated. With those things in mind, here’s our HVAC home selling checklist:


  • Schedule a professional tune-up


    • The first thing this does is make sure your system is in good shape to prevent any embarrassing breakdowns
    • Secondly, your technician will clean the units making them look much newer


  • Duct Cleaning


    • Will produce a cleaner and stronger airflow
    • You don’t want a prospective buyer to remove a vent and see a dirty mess
    • A professional cleaning will also include the vents & registers sprucing up a room’s appearance


  • Update your home’s system controls to reflect current technology



  • Make sure to remove leaves & vegetation from outside units



  • Use a garden hose (no nozzle) to remove grass clippings & dirt as needed after the professional cleaning


If the mechanical systems in your home look like they’ve been ignored, you know it’s going to set off warning bells for many prospective buyers. In their minds they will be asking, “what else about the home has been ignored?”

We know the whole process of selling a home can be stressful. It seems like there are about a million items on the list of things to do. Just remember, Climate Control Company is here to help with your HVAC systems. We can handle any needed tune-ups, maintenance, and system control updates. Call now to make an appointment.