How Wear and Tear Can Affect Your Heating System

How Wear and Tear Can Affect Your Heating System

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How Wear and Tear Can Affect Your Heating System

Most people don’t pay much attention to their heating system. In part that’s because modern furnaces and boilers are a marvel of reliability and efficiency. Everyone takes a comfortable home for granted in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO even when the wind is whipping through the mountain passes and the thermometer is near zero. Eventually however, just about every heating system will need repairs as the result of normal wear and tear

Maintenance slows the process

Heating systems consist of mechanical components which are going to wear out over time. Climate Control Company can’t stop that, but we can delay the inevitable for as long as possible. The best way is with an annual cleaning, inspection, and tune-up by a professionally trained HVAC technician. He or she has the training and experience to spot wear and tear issues before they cause system breakdowns.

Keep it clean

The major cause of wear and tear in a heating system is dirt and dust. That’s why a system cleaning is an important part of every maintenance visit. It’s also why changing your furnace filters is so important. When you keep dirt and grit away from mechanical components they are going to last much longer.

You may still need repairs

Even when the home or business owner does everything possible, breakdowns can still happen, just like you can still end up sick and in the hospital even if you have regular physicals. Your heating system is no different. In both cases, the aging process can’t be reversed, it can only be slowed.

Can it be fixed?

Of course it can. Skilled HVAC technicians can perform literally any heating system repair. At some point the question becomes, “Is the old system worth saving?” Some factors you have to consider:

  • How much will the repair cost?
  • How long can it be expected to last?
  • How likely is it there will be a new and different problem in the future?

Climate Control really wishes the answers to these questions were an exact science, but they are not. The best thing any technician can do is to give his or her best professional opinion based on knowledge and experience. The ultimate decision to repair or replace a heating system is always up to you.

Peace of mind

This is one of several advantages to installing a new heating system that’s covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. You will not have to worry about expensive repairs for a number of years. Additionally, an efficient new furnace will likely save money on your monthly utility bills. Call Climate Control now to schedule your no-obligation estimate. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.