How Dust is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

How Dust is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

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How Dust is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Dust & Indoor Air Quality: What You Need to Know

Research by the American Lung Association, states that Americans are greatly affected by breathing in dust particles indoors. What most people don’t know, dust consists of dead skin cells, dust mites droppings and dust mite body fragments. Since dust mites feed on the dead skin cells, and more people now work from home, poor indoor air quality is likely affecting more homeowners than ever before. Surprisingly, online data also reveals that over 63% of American adults do not consider dusting inside their homes to be a priority. This is why indoor air quality testing is crucial. 

Dust is always present, and homeowners need to breathe better quality air. Luckily, Climate Control Company has solutions to minimize the impact of dust on our customers and improve their indoor air quality in Glenwood Springs, Vail, and Roaring Fork, CO.

The Negative Effects of Dust

Whatever is in your indoor air will get into your lungs. People may be affected by poor indoor air quality in different ways. Cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose, scratchy throat, red, itchy or watery eyes and persistent coughing are common. Fatigue, headaches, sleep disruptions and general malaise are also possible symptoms of poor indoor quality. Loved ones afflicted with respiratory illnesses, compromised immune systems and asthma will usually be the most acutely affected. Over the long term, constant exposure to dust may lead to the onset of chronic breathing problems. 

If your symptoms disappear when you are out of the house, call the experts at Climate Control Company to check your indoor air quality.

How to Minimize Dust in Your Home or Business

Your HVAC system can be your biggest ally for sustained healthy indoor air. As HVAC contractors serving Glenwood Springs, Vail, and Roaring Fork, we offer comprehensive services to maintain the cleanest indoor air and your overall comfort in your home or business. Advanced filters can trap dust, even if the particles are small. Clean ductwork that’s free from mold will allow for good flow of healthy air. Ultraviolet lights, air purifiers, and ensuring the humidity in your home is at the correct level are some of the possible solutions to making your indoor air quality the healthiest it can be. 

Your Partner for Improved Indoor Air Quality

You should not take indoor air quality lightly. The trained professionals at Climate Control Company will assess your home or business comfort systems to learn of any deficiencies, and offer solutions to remove dust and other airborne impurities in your home or business. When you address this issue, your loved ones or employees and customers will appreciate having a clean space where they can breathe easily. You may also find that improved indoor air quality will save on your overall energy costs. The team at Climate Control Company is ready to help with a solution that meets your needs and budget. Give us a call today!