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UV Lights Benefits – Improve Commercial IAQ

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How UV Lights Help Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Commercial Property

You may think that UV lights are only used indoors to sterilize medical equipment, but in reality, some companies use them to improve the indoor air quality of their business.

Commercial businesses are one of the most susceptible to poor indoor air quality due to the fact that they typically have many occupants in one building.

Similarly, a high number of occupants means more bodily fluids being expelled and airborne particles being released into the air. This increases the risks of airborne diseases.

However, with UV lights, you can improve your space’s current conditions and help prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading around. At Climate Control Company, we can install a UV light in your commercial building in Glenwood Springs, Vail, or Roaring Fork, CO. Let’s explore the top benefits of installing UV lights in the HVAC system of your commercial property.

Healthy Air for Improved Indoor Air Quality

No one wants their employees to be sick. And the fact is, spending more time at work means you will take in more air from your work environment. Sick employees reduce the productivity of your business.

So the air quality in your commercial property should remain clean. And for the air to stay fresh and uncontaminated, you will have to rely on UV lights as your disinfectant.

Branding for Your Business

A clean environment is always a plus in business. It provides your customers with a comfortable and relaxing shopping experience.

UV lights have been proven to combat airborne viruses such as flu and COVID effectively. By installing UV lights, you can improve your brand and customer satisfaction as it is an effective way of achieving a healthier indoor environment.

Better Smelling Air

UV lights help eliminate VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, that seep out from furniture, cleaners, paints, carpets, and other building materials.

When these compounds mix with sunlight, they can produce ozone, which can harm your health. A UV light will reduce or eliminate this compound to make it less dangerous and keep it from being released into the atmosphere. This also helps improve your company’s indoor air quality.

You’ll be sure that your employees and customers will love coming into your place more because it eliminates VOCs and any odor-causing agents.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

By using UV lights to help purify the air in your commercial property, you can improve its overall indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce the costs associated with maintenance and repair.

There are numerous devices that you can install to improve the indoor air quality in your commercial property; however, UV light is one of the least expensive and simplest options.

Conclusion – Indoor Air Quality Matters

If you are looking for a way to create clean, fresh air indoor environments within your commercial property, then the use of UV lights is an excellent option. At Climate Control Company, we serve the residents of Glenwood Springs, Vail, and Roaring Fork, CO, with all of their HVAC needs. If you are interested in learning more about UV light installation, contact us today.