Does Air Conditioning Make A Fever Worse?

Does Air Conditioning Make A Fever Worse?

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Does Air Conditioning Make A Fever Worse?

It’s a warning heard from parents everywhere, “Don’t go outside without a coat, you’re sure to catch your death of cold.” Medical professionals will tell you that’s mostly a myth. The cold and flu are caused by viruses. Science tells us those viruses are more active during winter because of the cold, dry air, but wearing a coat isn’t going to protect you.


Now, let’s connect this to the world of HVAC systems. Climate Control Company finds people who wonder if air conditioning in your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home can make a fever worse. The short answer is no although the temperature of a room can affect the comfort of someone who does have a fever. 


Just like wearing a coat to prevent colds is a myth, so is the idea that air conditioning will make you sick. First, let me be very clear: Indoor air quality (IAQ) is extremely important to healthy living but an air conditioner that receives proper maintenance should make the indoor air cleaner and healthier. Every AC system has a filter of some sort, and many have extremely sophisticated filtration and/or air purification systems to eliminate many bacteria and viruses. This will help make your home a safe haven.


Let’s take this another step. When you are sick you know how uncomfortable you can be. Now imagine being sick during a hot summer day in a sweltering hot house without air conditioning. The point being, not only does an air conditioner not make you sick, but it can also help you recover more quickly. A comfortable temperature makes it easier to rest, sleep, and recuperate.


Here’s one more factor to consider if this applies to your household: There is a belief among many pediatricians that sleeping in air conditioning is healthier for infants and toddlers. Especially when compared to the alternative of a warm, humid, and poorly ventilated room. There is even some evidence using air conditioning can reduce the risk of SIDS (crib death) when the weather is hot.


Whenever you need air conditioning maintenance or have any questions about the best way to improve the indoor air quality in your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home, Climate Control Company is here to help. Our motto is Comfort Driven, Colorado Style…since 1956. Learn more about what it means by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.