Can I Legally Put In My Own Furnace?

Can I Legally Put In My Own Furnace?

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Can I Legally Put In My Own Furnace?

There are many things you can do yourself to save money:

  • Change the oil in your car.
  • Cut your own hair.
  • Do your own lawn care and landscaping.

The list goes on and on but one thing you can’t do, at least legally, is install your own furnace. Climate Control Company isn’t aware of any Colorado city or county where there are no licensing requirements for HVAC work.


There are many reasons why those regulations exist. Here are a few highlights:

  • Installing a gas furnace is complicated.
  • Proper installation requires training and experience.
  • This includes training as a plumber and electrician.


Let me count the ways a do-it-yourself furnace replacement can cost money and put you and your family at risk in your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common DIY furnace installation problems:

  • Combustion problems – When the fuel (gas or propane) is burned inefficiently, it produces higher levels of carbon monoxide increasing the risk of illness or death. It takes training and specialized testing equipment to ensure proper combustion in a gas furnace.
  • Improper sizing – It’s impossible to put too much emphasis on this. Choosing the wrong size for a furnace replacement will inevitably lead to inefficient performance. Determining the correct size is not just a matter of square footage. A trained HVAC technician uses a complicated formula that includes:
    • Number of rooms
    • Room layout
    • Window sizes
    • Insulation quality
  • Reliability problems – There’s a reason why Climate Control says the most important day in the life of an HVAC system is installation day. Any number of problems, like poorly designed ductwork or the aforementioned sizing issues will inevitably cause more frequent breakdowns and a shorter lifespan. A professional furnace replacement is the best way to reduce repair costs, achieve the highest efficiency, and increase longevity.
  • Warranty problems – Yeah, that’s right: Most furnace manufacturers expect and often REQUIRE professional installation to validate their warranty. Do it yourself and you could be left holding the bag for expensive furnace repairs in the future. Is that really a risk you want to take?


I really want to emphasize how much respect Climate Control Company has for do-it-yourselfers in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Vail, CO. But please direct your energy and skills toward more realistic projects that can benefit your family without putting them in danger. Many of the people who work for us are in their current jobs because they grew up working with their hands and it’s what they enjoy doing. Now they have the training and experience to handle your furnace replacement.