Where in the World Will You Find Mini Splits?

mini splits in your home


One of the great things about ductless mini split heat pumps is their versatility. They can go just about anywhere. The idea got us at Climate Control Company thinking about some of the oddest places to put mini splits.

If you’re still not familiar with them, mini splits, sometimes called ductless air conditioners, deliver conditioned air directly to a specific room or area. The air handler can be placed just about anywhere as long as it’s connected to an outside condenser. Climate Control went looking for a few odd uses for mini splits:

Dog Houses:

Yes indeed, there are companies out there making mini split heat pumps designed for use in a dog house or other pet shelter. There are good reasons to consider this. Extreme heat and cold can be dangerous for an outdoor pet. Only you can decide if it’s worth the investment.

Play Houses:

If you’re going to pamper the dog, you can’t forget the children. The same type of system can also keep the playhouse nice and comfortable. Wouldn’t air conditioning make a treehouse really inviting? Heck you might spend more time in it than the kids do.

Wife’s closet:

OK, we admit it. This is just a little sexist, but what woman wouldn’t like the idea of having a dedicated heating and cooling unit for her walk-in closet? Complete comfort while dressing with the ability to set whatever temperature her heart desires.

The other part of this story is where mini splits are located in normal home applications. Climate Control realizes many homeowners don’t want the air handlers visible on the wall. There are all sorts of creative ways to hide them:

  • Disguised as part of a built-in bookcase
  • Put it in a soffit
  • Built-in niche above a closet
  • Locate it above the refrigerator where it’s mostly out of sight

What no one can deny is the growing popularity of mini splits. Call Climate Control about using them to eliminate cold or hot spots in your home. They’re also the perfect solution when you add living space in what was an attic or garage. You can cool or heat it without adding expensive ductwork. Our featured mini split brands are Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.

Whatever your heating or air conditioning needs in Vail, Aspen, or Glenwood Springs, trust Climate Control Company serving the Western Slope since 1956.



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