Zoned Heating And Cooling For Optimal Savings And Comfort In Your Western Colorado Home

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Zoned Heating And Cooling For Optimal Savings And Comfort In Your Western Colorado HomeEnergy bills got you down? Maybe what your western Colorado home really needs is zoned heating and cooling. Although zoning has been around for a while now, many homeowners are only now discovering how splitting their home into zones capable of differing temperature levels can help improve their family’s comfort level while simultaneously saving them money on their energy bills.

Everyone deserves a little comfort

When it comes to a person’s comfort, we all have a different idea of what this means. If you’re married or have children, your idea of being comfortable may be different from your wife or kids. You may get cold or warm more easily. While zoned heating & cooling can’t make everything absolutely perfect, it’s much easier to cater to each household member’s individual needs.

Different rooms, different needs

Various rooms and levels in your home also have different heating and cooling needs, which is why assigning similar areas to their own zone can go a long way to maximizing your energy usage while also lowering it. Rooms on a second floor will be warmer, as will a room with a lot of natural lighting. Those with high ceilings require a higher energy expenditure as well. While traditional whole-house thermostats can’t satisfy the needs of every room or level, a zoning system allows you to assign different temperatures that relate to a room’s specifications.

Less energy usage means lower bills

By utilizing a zoned heating and cooling system, you’ll use less energy than you would with a traditional setup. For example, if your family is concentrated in only one or two rooms, you can turn back the heat or cooling in unused areas. Using less energy translates to saving money on your monthly energy bill.

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