Why We Love Working at Climate Control

Why We Love Working at Climate Control

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Why We Love Working at Climate Control

In a business sense, there are two things Climate Control Company treasures beyond all else: Our clients, and the people who work for us. Without loyal clients we wouldn’t be able to hire the men and women who in turn support their families. Without skilled and dedicated employees we could not provide the kind of customer service our clients have come to expect from the leading heating and air conditioning company for Aspen and the entire Western Slope.

Working in the HVAC industry is unlike many other jobs. What we mean by that is it’s not just a job. You can build a career in HVAC because there’s room for advancement. Lindsey Marsh is the Human Resources Coordinator at Climate Control and she sees it first hand, “Even though we’re small, there’s opportunities to advance and move and do different things and learn different things.” Marsh goes on to say the company will train its employees to help them advance.

Another employee says, “Working for Climate Control allows everyone in the company to be equals and work together for a common goal.” she adds, “We really encourage people to grow. We teach them. We guide them. We really want to make sure that we’re growing them and they’re growing the company.”

Employees praise Climate Control for the family-like atmosphere in the workplace. Peter Morabito is a mechanical engineer who says, “Climate Control is a family company. I come to work every day and I don’t really feel like I’m at work.” But for Morabito, job satisfaction goes far beyond the family atmosphere. He also likes the challenges he faces every day, “I love my job because every day is different. I’m still working on the same projects, but I’m getting curve balls thrown at me left and right and it creates a unique learning experience.”

Another way to judge a work atmosphere is by listening to what past employees say about their experiences. This is a portion of a review posted on Indeed.com by a former office employee:

A fun job, it was filled with diversity and challenge keeping up with the workload. I learned a great deal about estimating new construction and calculating percentage of completion….The management was phenomenal and I would work for them again any time.”

This review came from a person who worked with Climate Control as a purchasing specialist:

“I had no HVAC experience and took on a new challenge of purchasing supplies, parts, tools etc. for all the new install, retro and service techs and jobs. It was a huge leap for me but I took the chance and learned a lot in a short time….Management was always there to help but gave me space to do my job. Management/Owner also worked side by side to improve on the purchasing/inventory department and position. Owner would also strap on a tool belt to help out on many occasions.”

Climate Control Company wants every current and former employee to know how much we appreciate their efforts to make our company a success. Check out our hiring page to learn more about working for Climate Control, and make sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.