What Are The Components Of A Building’s HVAC System?

What Are The Components Of A Building’s HVAC System?

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What Are The Components Of A Building’s HVAC System?

Commercial HVAC systems are remarkably complex. Stop and think for a moment about what those systems are responsible for:

  • Managing indoor temperature
  • Taking in outside air
  • Exhausting contaminated air
  • Using an air filter to improve air quality
  • Managing energy consumption

From design, to installation, to maintenance, Climate Control Company has a wealth of experience in commercial HVAC components.

Key factors to determine HVAC components

There are some key questions to be asked to determine what will work best in your commercial building.

  • What fuel is being used for heating?
    • Electricity
    • Natural gas
    • Heating oil
  • What is the coolant?
    • Chiller
    • Electric heat pump
    • Electric air conditioner
  • How is the heating or cooling delivered?
    • Ducted air
    • Water or other liquid

Once these questions are answered we can talk more about the key components that will make up your HVAC system. If all of this sounds a bit confusing, we are ready to help. Climate Control has worked on several large commercial projects in Aspen, Vail, and Glenwood Springs, CO. In addition to design and installation, we can handle all of your HVAC tune-up and maintenance needs.

Don’t miss out on the tax break

If you are thinking about replacing an HVAC system, be sure you factor in the recent changes to the Section 179 tax break for businesses. It allows you to write off the full cost of some equipment purchases immediately, rather than depreciating the purchase over several years. In 2017 Congress expanded Section 179 to include HVAC equipment. The maximum annual deduction was also raised to $1-million. As always, check with your tax advisor, but this is a huge tax break to help pay for your new equipment.

Whatever your commercial HVAC needs are, Climate Control Company is here to help—just as we’ve been doing since 1956. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.