Vail Mountain Lodge Project

Vail Mountain Lodge Project

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Vail Mountain Lodge Project

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Vail Mountain Lodge is a luxury hotel and condominium development at the East end of Vail Village in Vail, Colorado. The property is intimate with a full-service spa and vitality center for an overall wellness experience and an athletic club. The lodge includes a bistro wrapped up in a beautiful setting alongside Vail’s iconic Gore Creek. The one thing missing from the 20 hotel rooms and seven large condominiums was the ability to keep guests comfortable in the deep summer heat.

The HOA board approached Climate Control for an effective way to provide a cooling solution that was efficient and could be individually controlled by each unit. The challenge was to be able to add the desired features and have the resort ready to go when it opened for summer rental season.

The ultimate solution was a combination of three Mitsubishi City Multi VRF and five M series stand-alone heat pumps running a combination of 47 ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted heads. Each room contains a single ceiling cassette that has its own thermostat control. Climate Control located the three condensers outside of the building and ran line-sets from the units onto each floor with branch boxes to the individual units and into each room. The ceiling cassettes are flush mounted with a trim kit and drop down slightly during cooling or heating. Once the room arrives at the desired temperature, the unit recesses back into the ceiling. The wall-mounted units now come in a low profile model with designer colors.

Climate Control designed a system that could operate by each of the units independently of each other, and this provided the flexibility that the resort needed for the differing needs of guests.

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