Underestimating the Value of Installation

Underestimating the Value of Installation

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Underestimating the Value of Installation


Studies show the number one reason to own high efficiency heating and air conditioning system is the overall energy cost savings. Older systems operate at around 65% efficiency while newer models offer a minimum of 90%! Business owners can literally save thousands of dollars in fuel costs; often realizing a return on investment in a few years or less. A win-win for you and the environment.

Choosing the right installation contractor is paramount. Unfortunately, contractors in our area are not required to be licensed. Climate Control likens that to giving over your financial records to a non-CPA based on the word of someone you just met. For the continued success of your business, you’d never do that. Why then, trust an HVAC system installation to just anyone?

A trustworthy installer will:

  • Know the codes of your specific jurisdiction
  • Know the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Never take shortcuts
  • Receive ongoing training

Climate Control takes pride in the high level of training we provide for our installers. We recently received an award from Lennox for education excellence; and, our own Chris Allen presented last month at the national conference for Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

You build your own business on trust. Climate Control’s reputation since 1956 proves we are installers on which you can trust. Call us today to schedule an appointment.