Two-Stage Cooling Offers 3 Key Benefits

Two-Stage Cooling Offers 3 Key Benefits

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Two-Stage Cooling Offers 3 Key BenefitsA standard-efficiency air conditioner with a one-stage compressor produces 100 percent output at all times. That’s bad news, because 80 percent of the time you don’t need it. Two-stage cooling is a better idea. In a high-efficiency A/C, the compressor automatically drops down to a lower output stage — about 67 percent — to save energy. The unit runs at the output appropriate to the cooling load in your home. On days of peak temperatures, the technology automatically shifts into the higher stage and delivers full output. Most high-efficiency air conditioners with SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings of 14 or more utilize two-stage compressors. In addition to perks such as quieter operation and more optional features, here are the three key benefits of two-stage cooling:

Greater energy efficiency. Because a two-stage compressor runs at the lower output most of the time, it draws less power than a one-stage unit running constantly at 100 percent output. Two-stage cooling can reduce the cooling portion of your electricity costs as much as 30 percent.

More consistent comfort. A single-stage compressor cycles on and off frequently. During the off cycle, rooms can warm to uncomfortable levels on a hot day, requiring extra energy to cool them back down when the unit starts again. A two-stage compressor runs almost continuously but at a lower output, eliminating the discomfort that occurs when the compressor’s off.

Humidity reduction. Continuous, two-stage operation also more efficiently reduces humidity than the on/off, single-stage mode. Operating at lower output, a high-efficiency two-stage system utilizes a blower that reduces airflow over the evaporator coil proportionately. Reduced airflow at the coil results in more effective humidity control.

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