Time For A Fall Furnace Tune-up

Time For A Fall Furnace Tune-up

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Time For A Fall Furnace Tune-up

The HVAC industry is proof positive that the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not always applicable.

Your home comfort system requires regular maintenance to make sure it performs effectively and efficiently as you heat and cool your home. While you think your heating and cooling systems may be running just fine, they still should be serviced regularly. Many HVAC problems can be detected – or even prevented – before they become major repair or replacement issues. This is especially important with the change of the seasons when your furnace requires special maintenance.

Your air conditioning system has done the job the past several months to keep your home comfortable during the summer season. Now that the majority of the hot weather should be in our rearview mirror, it’s time to make sure your furnace and heating system is ready for increasingly colder weather. One thing you can do yourself is inspect, clean, or change air filters every month. A dirty filter can increase energy costs, decrease efficiency, damage your HVAC equipment, and lead to system breakdown and a shorter life expectancy. By visually inspecting your system you may also be able to detect any noticeable signs of wear and tear or external damage.

Then, it is time to call an HVAC service professional to service your furnace. A heating tune-up should include:

  • Checking your thermostat settings will make sure your system temperatures are set where you want them and your furnace will run when you want it to.
  • All electrical connections should be tightened and voltage and current levels on appliance motors should be checked. Bad electrical connections can cause fire risk and system damage.
  • Lubricate all moving and mechanical parts. Parts that are insufficiently lubricated can cause friction in furnace motors and increased electricity usage.
  • Inspect and secure all gas and oil connections. Check gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger operation. Faulty fuel connections are a big-time fire hazard and may contribute to health problems. A dirty or clogged burner or broken heat exchanger results in incorrect burner operation and means your furnace is not working safely and efficiently.

Prepare for colder weather, keep your HVAC system happy and call us today for a complete fall inspection and tune-up.