The Relation between Indoor Air Quality and Humidifiers

The Relation between Indoor Air Quality and Humidifiers

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When winter arrives, it’s no secret that the indoor air in your home (and the outdoor air, too) can really become dry; this can and does for many people lead to several uncomfortable issues, including sore throats, dry skin, dry nasal passages (even bleeding noses), annoying shocks from static electricity and cracked woodwork, too.

By using humidifiers, you can increase the moisture in your home, which can additionally help protect the wood surfaces indoors as well from cracking, splitting and splintering from becoming overly dry. Humidified air also feels warmer, which means you can enjoy comfort at cooler temperature settings, which will save energy and money throughout the winter.

Proper humidity control is vital in minimizing the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds and dust mites. When there is more moisture in the air, there is less opportunity for dust and other irritants to circulate throughout your home.

Low humidity conditions can cause airborne contaminants to flow throughout the air inside your home. In fact, the American Society of Otolaryngology has advised that it is very important to prevent indoor environments that are overly dry; overly dry environments can increase respiratory problems like asthma. Humidifiers help keep the air moist. Have you considered a whole-house humidifier for your home?

Whole-home humidifiers are designed to deliver moisture to rooms throughout your home, making it more comfortable at lower temperatures, saving you money on your bills, and limiting the ability of germs to travel through the indoor air.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states, “Humidifiers are commonly used in homes to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat, lips and skin. The moisture they add to dry air also helps alleviate common nuisances brought on by winter heating, such as static electricity, splitting woodwork and cracks in paint and furniture.” The time to have a humidifier installed in your home is right now, before the dry winter weather hits!

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