No Room for Luck in HVAC Maintenance

No Room for Luck in HVAC Maintenance

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No Room for Luck in HVAC Maintenance

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Whatever you do, don’t depend on luck to protect one of the most valuable investments in your home. We bring that up because you’re going to hear a lot of talk about ‘luck’ this month, as in the “Luck of the Irish.”

Instead of depending on luck on St. Patrick’s Day this year, turn your thoughts to our heating and cooling technicians at Climate Control Company. They will trump luck every time when it comes to keeping your HVAC system doing its job and running efficiently.

Luck will not lower your monthly utility bills if the unit is performing inefficiently. Luck will not heat and cool your home or business if the filters are dirty, the A/C is low on refrigerant, or you need AC repairs. It takes an experienced HVAC professional with the knowledge and proper testing equipment to find those problems and fix them.

The worst luck of all would be to have a major problem and find out your warranty won’t pay for the repairs. That can happen if you don’t have inspections and routine maintenance by our Climate Control professionals. Inspections and maintenance are often required by manufacturers to keep your warranty in force.

Climate Control can also talk with you about other ways to improve your HVAC system and help you save money. It could be something as simple as a new programmable thermostat, or maybe it’s time to have a serious conversation about installing an entirely new HVAC system. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn just how much an efficient new system can save on your utility bills.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with late winter or early spring weather, now is the time to make sure your home is ready for WHATEVER Mother Nature brings you.

So please, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but when it comes to keeping your home comfortable count on reliable repair, service and maintenance from Climate Control, and not because you’re feeling the “Luck of the Irish”—or luck of any kind for that matter.