Stop Shoveling with a Snow Melt System

Stop Shoveling with a Snow Melt System

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Stop Shoveling with a Snow Melt SystemThe higher elevations of Western Colorado are famous for heavy snowfall. For eight months of the year, residents face regular snowfall and the shoveling that comes with it. As you know all too well, snow shoveling can be backbreaking, time-consuming and a general nuisance. It can also be eliminated with investment in a snow melt system.What is a snow melt system? A network of hydronic tubes or electric cables are embedded in a driveway, sidewalk or stairway, and heat the surrounding area to melt snow and ice. Residential systems are primarily found in driveways and sidewalks.

How is the system installed? snow melt system can be installed below new concrete, brick pavers or asphalt. It can also be installed under existing surfaces using a retrofit saw cut. The existing surface is cut along the path of the system’s tubes at a depth of about 1 1/2 inches. The cables are placed into the cuts, insulated and sealed, and then the saw cuts are filled in.

How does the system work? The system can be triggered in multiple ways including automatic activation based on temperature, snowfall and moisture levels. You can also opt for a manual activation via timers or switches installed in a convenient location. The system heats up, radiates heat throughout the surrounding surface, and melts the snow and ice. Over the course of the day there may be additional snowfall. The system can be reactivated to continue melting the new snow and ice.

What are the benefits of a snow melt system? The system eliminates the need for snow removal and makes the exterior of the home a much safer place. Homeowners, family members and guests can easily walk on the driveway and sidewalks without the fear of slipping and falling.

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