Repair Or Replace HVAC Equipment: With This Expert Advice, Your Answer’s Easy

Repair Or Replace HVAC Equipment: With This Expert Advice, Your Answer's Easy

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Repair Or Replace HVAC Equipment: With This Expert Advice, Your Answer's EasyHaving problems with your cooling or heating equipment? Are the utility bills higher than you remember in the past, the equipment having difficulty providing sufficient or balanced cooling and heating, or the components breaking down frequently? Investing in new HVAC equipment is expensive, but you don’t want to pay for repairs if they’re just going to be temporary or if they’re merely one in a series of past and future repairs. Before deciding whether to repair or replace your cooling or heating equipment, ask yourself if it’s time for a new model.

  • Is my equipment 10 years old or more? – Not only are older units prone to breakdowns, they are also much less efficient than newer models. The difference between your old model and a new high-efficiency A/C, heat pump or furnace could be counted in substantial monthly savings on your energy bills.
  • Is my system noisy? – Noise is more than a nuisance. It often signals deeper issues that may become big problems.
  • Are my energy bills going up? – If your energy usage is getting higher without any logical explanation, it may mean that your equipment is no longer operating efficiently. If this is due to the condition of the equipment, this problem will only get worse.
  • Have there been other repairs recently? – Quality equipment should not need to be repaired constantly. If it seems that repairs are a growing trend, it may be better to cut your losses now.
  • Is humidity and airflow in my home balanced? – Damaged or old units have a tough time removing sufficient moisture from the air and distributing the air evenly throughout your house. For example, if one room is hot while another is cold, that can indicate deeper issues.

Then consider the costs to repair or replace. If repair costs seem high, it is usually a good idea to opt for the increased efficiency and reliability of new equipment.

Regardless of whether you choose to repair or replace, contact Climate Control Company. With over 55 years of service in Western Colorado, we have the expertise to help you with every home comfort situation.

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