Radiant Heating In Your Colorado Home: 5 Reasons You’ll Really Like It

Radiant Heating In Your Colorado Home: 5 Reasons You'll Really Like It

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Radiant Heating In Your Colorado Home: 5 Reasons You'll Really Like ItAnyone who lives in Colorado will have experienced the comfortable warmth that radiates from a wood-burning fireplace. This warmth comes without drafts blowing around the room, no sudden noisy whooshes of heated air and no static electricity causing your hair to stand on end. This warmth comes from radiant heating.

Many homes in Colorado are heated by forced-air furnaces, which heat air and then blow it around your home. While a fireplace can provide comfortable radiant heat for one area of your home, (inefficiently), radiant floor heating can make your entire home comfortably warm.

Five reasons you will enjoy the radiant heating difference:

  1. Breathability: There is no air being blown through a heating system, out a vent and then around your home and your family. With radiant heating, no dust, pollen or other pollutants will be circulated through the air. This is good for your nose and your lungs.
  2. Changeability: It’s easy to add radiant heating systems to new construction or when remodeling. Radiant heat mats can be installed under most types of new or replacement flooring, or heat panels can be added to ceilings or walls. No registers or ductwork are necessary.
  3. Flexibility: Radiant heating is also easy to set up in multiple zones throughout your home. This allows you to heat areas only when they’re in use, and different zones can be set for differing temperatures and individual needs.
  4. Silence: No more thunks, clunks or whooshes will awake you in the middle of the night. Unlike forced-air furnaces, radiant heating systems are extremely quiet.
  5. Stillness: Radiant heating works by transferring heat to people and objects. There is no air blowing around the room. This will greatly reduce any drafty feelings in a room, and will help reduce that bothersome static electricity.

Radiant heating is a great option for any Western Colorado home. At Climate Control Company, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and install a radiant heating system that is perfect for your home and your family. Contact us today; we have been making homes comfortable since 1956.