R-22 = Rising Costs & Environmental Damage

R-22 = Rising Costs & Environmental Damage

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R-22 = Rising Costs & Environmental Damage

Have you seen how crazy the story is getting concerning the phase-out of R-22 ( refrigerant) refrigerant? Climate Control Company wants to make sure our air conditioning clients in Aspen, Vail and the entire Western Slope are prepared for what’s ahead.

The warnings about damage to the environment from R-22 started way back in the 1970’s. When 2020 arrives, the refrigerant will no longer be manufactured or imported in the U.S. As a result, the cost is already going up quickly and the trend is expected to continue. There are even reports of thieves stealing R-22 from supply companies.

Add it all up and the result is a difficult decision for homeowners who have older air conditioners. Does it make sense to spend more and more money to keep it running? If you have to add R-22 refrigerant it’s going to get more expensive. Just as importantly the leaking R-22 is damaging the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

If your AC unit is leaking refrigerant it’s often a sign of more serious problems in the future. Now is the time to call Climate Control and talk with us about whether it makes more sense to replace your old air conditioner.

There are multiple factors indicating it’s time to seriously consider an air conditioner replacement:

  • Costly & frequent repairs
  • Monthly energy bills rising for no obvious reason
  • House will not cool adequately

The Environmental Protection Agency also issued a warning regarding R-22. Because of the rising cost some people are trying to market R-22A as a cheaper alternative. Do not have any part of it. R-22A contains propane and is not approved for use in any home air conditioning system. It can cause explosions and fires. We know about one case where fire injured an HVAC technician.

Climate Control has not heard about this happening on the Western Slope, but if it does you should report it immediately. R-22A is dangerous and illegal for home use.

Just know time is running out. Trust our Climate Control professionals to help you deal with the pending phase-out. If it means a replacement, our experts will find the best AC unit to fit your needs and budget.