Programmable Thermostats: Can You Benefit From Their Smart Technology?

Programmable Thermostats: Can You Benefit From Their Smart Technology?

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Programmable Thermostats: Can You Benefit From Their Smart Technology?With the new generation of WiFi-enabled smart programmable thermostats, curbing utility expenses while enjoying home comfort personalized to your lifestyle is as simple as using your smartphone.

Smart thermostat, smart home

With the following high-tech features, today’s new generation of smart programmable thermostats have made a leap from a temperature timer to a completely interactive home-comfort control device.

  • With a smartphone application or Internet-enabled computer, you have complete control over every feature that your smart thermostat offers.
  • With 7-day programming and multiple event settings, you may customize temperatures to maximize energy savings.
  • When your schedule changes, simply use your smartphone application or computer to adjust program times.
  • You may integrate compatible systems, including whole-house humidifiers and air purifiers, for programming indoor temperatures, humidity and other home-comfort factors exactly to your liking.
  • Smart thermostats track the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, and “learn” the most cost-effective method for meeting programmed settings on time.
  • Smart thermostats go online and display current weather.
  • Smart thermostats alert you via email or smartphone for system changes that require attention, such as power outages and overheating.
  • Smart thermostats remember and remind you of scheduled maintenance, filter change and low battery.
  • Large digital displays allow easy viewing and quick tabbed programming.
  • While away from home, you can monitor compatible home security systems, and turn lights on and off.
  • Use the smart remote control for easy setting changes or for checking temperature and settings from anywhere in your home.

Selecting the right thermostat

It is necessary to match your home-comfort systems to a compatible smart thermostat. Universal programmable thermostats are available, and some are system-specific to the heating and cooling system, such as a heat pump with advanced features, radiant heating, or a furnace and an air conditioner for separate heating and cooling. Provide information on your equipment types and manufacturers to your heating and cooling pro for best results.

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