Installing A Heat Pump System – Is Your Home Ready?

Installing A Heat Pump System – Is Your Home Ready?

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Although heat pumps have received a lot of backlash in the past, heat pumps have come back into style in recent years. When they were first introduced to the public back in the 70’s, heat pumps had a less than stellar track record. Most heat pump systems were extremely noisy, expensive to install, and unreliable—to say they never caught on with homeowners is a bit of an understatement. However, improvements have made the heat pump an affordable, quiet, and consistent heating option for most homes. Heat pumps draw heat from the air or the ground, making it more affordable than oil, electric, or gas furnaces by far. However, not all homes are fit for a heat pump system.

Besides being located in a moderate to warm climate, the best homes for heat pumps will have a clear and unused yard area surrounding the home. By their very nature, heat pumps need to be placed outside of the home. Consequently, for homes that do not have the adequate space for an external heat pump should consider other heating options.

That said, it is always best to contact your HVAC professional to understand whether you should install a heat pump system into your home. The best heat pump system for your home depends on many variables including your home’s location, your home’s size, the brand of the heat pump, the SEER score, and the heat pump’s size. These variables are best left considered by a professional, so please contact your HVAC company for a consultation.

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