Install An Air Cleaner So You Can Breathe Easier This Fall: Mechanical Vs. Electronic

Install An Air Cleaner So You Can Breathe Easier This Fall: Mechanical Vs. Electronic

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 Install An Air Cleaner So You Can Breathe Easier This Fall: Mechanical Vs. ElectronicIndoor pollution is a serious concern today, which is why a growing number of Western Colorado homeowners are installing an air cleaner in their home. Air cleaners help control levels of airborne particles when they’re coupled with source control efforts and ventilation.

If you’re installing an air cleaner to help you breathe easier this fall, you’ll need to decide between a mechanical filter installed in your HVAC system vs. a portable electronic air cleaner. Consider the benefits of each to help you decide.

A mechanical air filter removes particles from the air by trapping them on a screen as they circulate through the HVAC system. The benefits of a mechanical air filter installed in an HVAC system include the following:

  • Mechanical air filters do not produce the byproduct ozone, a know lung irritant that can afflict sensitive individuals.
  • Higher efficiency mechanical filters can capture 99.99 percent of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size, including biological pollutants such as bacteria and viruses.
  • These filters do not require an external power source.
  • The initial purchase price and operational costs are low.

Portable electronic air cleaners contain a fan to circulate air over a series of plates called collectors where charged particles stick. The benefits of a portable electronic air cleaner include the following:

  • Portable electronic air cleaners are capable of removing very fine airborne particles.
  • Plates require cleaning to retain high efficiency but they do not need to be replaced, which saves money on maintenance.
  • Nothing about the HVAC system needs to change. For example, if a high efficiency mechanical filter is installed in the HVAC system, the fan speed may need to be increased to handle the higher airflow restriction caused by the filter. This isn’t necessary with portable air cleaners.
  • Some electronic air cleaners are designed not to produce ozone. Look for these models when installing an air cleaner.
  • Maintenance costs are low.

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