Don’t let This Happen to You

Don’t let This Happen to You

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Don’t let This Happen to You

Climate Control Company has a cautionary story for the owners and/or managers of rental properties. It’s a tale of a ruined weekend, hurt feelings, dissatisfied customers, and lost income. It was relayed to us by a business contact who we’ll call Matt.

Matt and a group of more than a dozen friends rented a large resort home for a bachelor party. It was three nights in a modern four bedroom, three bath home. After the first night, there were problems with the air conditioning. When the indoor temperature reached 78℉ on Friday, they called the landlord.

A technician arrived six hours later for an AC repair, and when they went to bed Friday night the problem appeared to be fixed. Wrong! When they woke up Saturday morning it was 82° in the house, and quickly warmed up to 86°. Needless to say, the group did not enjoy the rest of the weekend and the experience was not what they were paying for.

The end results were a black eye for the landlord who had to refund a portion of the money, and clients who will give bad reviews on social media. The indications are it should never have happened in the first place. Matt tells us the air conditioner in the home was recently replaced, but had a history of malfunctioning. If that’s the case, the owner should have made sure the HVAC contractor fixed all the problems and performed all needed HVAC repairs before renting the home.

Many owners/landlords are going to say, oh it will never happen to me, but why in the world would you take the risk? Call Climate Control and set up a regular maintenance program on all your rental properties, but especially vacation properties. When a breakdown forces a furnace repair and ruins someone’s special trip, you know there are going to be hard feelings and it will not end well for anyone.

The vacation rental business is very popular on the West Slope whether it’s a home on the ski slopes, or a summer house in the mountains. Owners, please pay attention to Matt’s story. We can’t guarantee there will never be a breakdown, no company can, but routine maintenance by our Climate Control NATE certified technicians can certainly swing the odds in your favor. Climate Control Company, comfort driven, Colorado style since 1956.