How To Choose An HVAC Contractor When You Need Service Or Repair

How To Choose An HVAC Contractor When You Need Service Or Repair

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How To Choose An HVAC Contractor When You Need Service Or RepairAnyone can call themselves a “contractor.” Anyone can pass out fliers or place internet ads claiming to offer HVAC contracting services. It can be hard to tell the wannabes from the real thing. Homeowners should apply strict standards when deciding how to choose an HVAC contractor for heating and cooling sales, installation and service. Colorado requires licensing of contractors who perform construction or installation work that involves any plumbing or electrical work. Local regulations may also impose additional requirements. Before signing anything, follow these guidelines on how to choose an HVAC contractor:

  • Contact the Colorado Department of Registrations to verify the status of the contractor you’re considering. Ask the contractor for at least three local references, and call each one of them to authenticate the contractor’s work record and competence.
  • Make certain the contractor intends to obtain a building permit before beginning work at your home, and ask to see it. Amateurs often sidestep permit requirements to save money and avoid inspections.
  • Be sure you receive a copy of the contract. It should include a detailed description of the work and specify a deadline for completion. Financial arrangements including down payments and payment schedules should be stipulated. Check to see if you have a three-day right to cancel the contract and for any other exceptions to the contractual arrangements that the law may permit. The contract should require that any changes to the document be made in writing.
  • Colorado requires a licensed contractor to provide a “Notice To Property Owner” document explaining the homeowner’s potential exposure to construction liens on their property by subcontractors, workers or suppliers of materials. Read this material and note ways you can protect yourself from liability if the contractor defaults on financial responsibilities.

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