High Efficiency Furnaces You Should Consider

High Efficiency Furnaces You Should Consider

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A high efficiency furnace can make a major difference in your home and with your utility costs. And let’s not forget the positive environmental effects they have as well.

If you’re considering going for a more high efficiency furnace, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed by the choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind while researching:


When it comes to how big or small if a HVAC unit you should go for, it’s really a Goldilocks situation: you have to find one that’s just right for your home. A comfort specialist from Climate Control Heating and Air can help you figure out what size is ideal for your needs.

Variable Speed Blowers

One of these sends heat out at a slower rate than usual, so temperatures are less likely to fluctuate.

Ignition System

Pilot lights no longer need to be on at all times. With a newer, high-efficiency system, the light will only go on when heat is needed.

There are other important factors to consider. A climate control comfort specialist at Climate Control Company can help you find the right high-efficiency furnace. Simply give us a call and we’ll be ready to help and install.

Additionally, if you think you have an old furnace you thinking about switching out for a high efficiency furnace, make sure to fill out one of our Oldest Furnace Contest Entry forms to be entered to win a brand new gas furnace unit and installation, FREE OF CHARGE!