The Future is Now in Home Automation

The Future is Now in Home Automation

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The Future is Now in Home Automation

Are you a Star Trek fan? Remember how silly it seemed 30 or 40 years ago while watching the original series (reruns for you young people)? Did you laugh out loud about things like handheld communicators? Something called a Tricorder that was really a portable computer? A computer that responded to your voice? Okay, we may not be able to beam from place to place yet, but all of those other things are a reality just a few short decades later.

Now it’s time for our next step in home automation. To learn more, call Climate Control Company because we have an entire division dedicated to the latest in systems control technology. We will show you how home automation can make your life more convenient, efficient and safe.

The next step is what the techies like to call the internet of things, or IoT. The best way to explain it, is it means anything and everything can have its own IP address and be connected to the web. This thing can be a person with an implanted heart monitor. A farm animal or pet with a biochip transponder. Or sensors attached to HVAC and other home systems to monitor performance 24/7.

For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on home automation systems and break it down into those benefits we mentioned earlier:

  • Convenience:
    • This one is easy. You don’t have to look any further than your Honeywell Wi-Fi connected programmable thermostat. It gives you the convenience of controlling your HVAC systems from anywhere in the world. A smart refrigerator can alert you if the temperature is too high, water filter needs to be changed, or the door has been left open.
  • Efficiency:
    • Anything connected to the internet can be monitored for efficient operation. If your furnace or air conditioner starts burning more natural gas or using more electricity, the data can tell your HVAC company why that’s happening and they can fix the problem. Automation can turn lights on and off from a mobile device saving energy.
  • Safety:
    • More and more home security systems are wireless, communicating through your Wi-Fi network, and you can monitor what’s happening when you’re away from home. Are you worried when family members are home alone? A doorbell camera connected to your network can let them see who’s at the door without answering the door. Or you can use your mobile device to monitor the doorbell camera when you’re not at home.

The experts say this is all just the tip of the iceberg for smart home technology as more and more devices are given their own IP address and become part of the internet of things. For the last two years, smart home kits and home automation have dominated the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Market experts predict the smart home market share will be worth tens-of-billions of dollars in the next few years. The big names like Apple, Google, GE, and Microsoft are all heavily involved.

While it may seem intimidating, call the systems control experts at Climate Control Company and we will help you determine what’s realistic for you and your home. It doesn’t matter if your favorite Star Trek franchise is the original, Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, or the brand-new Star Trek Discovery, we can help make your home more like a starship.