Four Signs that Your AC Unit May Be Failing

Four Signs that Your AC Unit May Be Failing

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During a Colorado summer is no time to suddenly come to terms with the fact that you need a new air conditioning unit. With hot summers quickly approaching, it’s imperative that you ensure that your unit is in working order before it’s too late. There are some telltale signs of impending trouble for your Glenwood Springs Air conditioning that you should keep your eyes and ears open for that can warn you that you’ll soon need to invest in a new unit:

  1. One of the most noticeable signs that your AC unit may be failing is your home just doesn’t get as cool and comfortable as it used to; if you don’t feel it, you may be able to see it. Take a look at your thermostat and see if the temperature of your house gets down to the temperature you have the thermostat set at. If you have your thermostat set at 74 degrees but it reads that your home just won’t get cooler than 78 degrees, you may have a problem.
  2. Be sure that you have become familiar with the sound your air conditioning unit makes when it is operating normally; this will enable you to be able to recognize when something doesn’t quite sound right. Whether it’s a new humming sound (or a different humming sound) or a clanking noise, you’ll be able to have some early notice when something may be going wrong.
  3. A sign of possible air conditioning failure that may not be so noticeable at first is water puddles around your outdoor unit. Water that pools around your air conditioner is not normal, and means that something is leaking, not flowing. If you see any liquid around your unit, you need to make a phone call to your Aspen air conditioning repair company right away.
  4. An alert that something may be amiss with your unit can be electric bills that become higher than normal. Unusual spikes or a gradual increase can both be signs of trouble. Look up your usage at this time last year and see how this year compares. An excessive bill is a red flag that your unit is working harder and longer than it should be.


Should you notice any of the above signs at any point, be sure that you promptly contact your Vail air conditioning experts a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Acting sooner rather than later can not only spare you the discomfort of being caught in the hot summer with a broken AC unit, but also save you hundreds of dollars in wasted expenses for energy bills and inefficiency.

Contact Climate Control Company today to have us come out and inspect your air conditioning unit. Should we find something wrong, we can make the necessary repairs or advise you on a new purchase. We install and service all major brands, since 1956.