Cures for a Noisy Air Conditioner

Cures for a Noisy Air Conditioner

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Aspen air conditioning units can run for months without exhibiting any symptoms of a problem. Although homeowners don’t have to listen and check on their unit every week, they should know how their unit sounds when they are operating it so they can stop problems from happening before they snowball.

Although A/C units aren’t meant to be completely silent, they shouldn’t make unusual or distracting noises when being used. If you turn on your A/C unit and hear sounds you hadn’t heard before such as rattling, you should get a certified Glenwood Springs air conditioning specialist to come and examine your unit. Following are some of the most common noises and what they could mean:

  • Fan and Motor Noise When using your air conditioning unit, you will hear the occasional hum, but the motor shouldn’t be humming on a constant basis. If you do hear the motor consistently humming, an air conditioning technician should be called to examine the unit.  The technician can perform a few tests to see if the motor is malfunctioning and if it might need to be replaced. If your outdoor fan is humming, sounds loose or is otherwise making some type of other strange new noise, it may need to be serviced. Shaking and wobbling are also some common issues that happen to ac units. By adjusting the screws, that issue should be resolved without too much difficulty.
  • Coil Fins One of the main issues that outdoor coil fins run into is dirt. When coil fins become overly dirty, it can impair the proper functioning of your unit. One of the easiest ways to prevent dirt from getting on the coil fins is by ensuring there is always space around your air conditioner outdoors and that the area is clear of all debris. By pulling out stuck leaves and lightly spraying the coils with a hose, you can minimize coil dirt. Bent coils are also a source of noise in a unit.  Dealing with a bent coil needs a specialist who can straighten them out and improve your unit’s performance.
  • Condenser or Compressor Noises Older units tend to suffer from compressor and condenser noise more than newer units. After years of working, parts that move inside just start to break down, and need to be replaced. Some new units have 2 stage and variable speed compressors that are almost completely silent. If your compressor is making a lot of noise but you aren’t ready for a new unit, we can help you select a sound blanket to install over it to help dampen that noise.

If you notice a new noise with your aspen air conditioning unit, whether you know what is causing it or not, visit Climate Control Company to properly and safely diagnose and remedy any troubles.