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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

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Some of you may remember the old days when many Glenwood Springs, Aspen and Vail, CO businesses handled summer cooling with nothing more than windows, screen doors and fans. Clearly that is no longer the case as commercial air conditioning is now the norm. One side effect is buildings are tightly sealed to save energy, which is often at the expense of indoor air quality & commercial ac units.

Unintended consequences

When you seal a building tightly, indoor air quality suffers. When there is a lack of fresh air, the concentration of airborne contaminants increases. Not only does this often result in a stale and stuffy working environment, but can also be unhealthy which affects customers, clients, and employees. 

Ventilation is a good place to start

It’s really important to bring fresh air into commercial buildings. Good indoor air quality requires a complete air exchange at least four times an hour. The recommended rate is much higher for bars (20 to 30 times), restaurants (8-12 times), and retail businesses (6-10 times). It is possible to accomplish this WITHOUT impacting the energy efficiency of a building. Climate Control will show you how.

Making the air cleaner

It’s simplest to think about this as a two-step process. Filtration and purification. Air filters are designed to remove particles (dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander) from the air. Commercial AC grade systems can often be equipped with HEPA and other high-efficiency filtration. These systems are capable of trapping very fine particles and can’t generally be used with residential heating and cooling systems because they restrict airflow.

Air purification

While filters remove particles purifiers can kill biological elements like mold, bacteria, and some viruses. Most use ultraviolet light or ionization technology. They are often used in medical applications like clinics and doctors’ offices but are ideal for any commercial A/C system. Some air purifiers also remove odors and volatile organic compounds.

Seek professional help

We all know what the recent months have been like in terms of health concerns. Climate Control Company is here to help Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Vail, CO businesses improve their indoor air quality. Let us show you multiple options to make your workspace healthier and more comfortable. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information like this.