Climate Control can Help Your Home Breathe

Climate Control can Help Your Home Breathe

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Climate Control can Help Your Home Breathe

If you’ve ever taken Yoga lessons or childbirth (Lamaze) classes, you know about the importance of breathing. Now Climate Control Company wants you to learn about what we call HVAC Yoga, air ventilation and circulation for your home.

Climate Control features Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) by Lennox. They are the most efficient way to exhaust air to the outside (exhale) and bring new air into the house (inhale) while cutting energy costs.

An ERV is a heat exchanger. It captures the latent or left-over heat in the air that is being exhausted and uses the heat or energy to preheat the outside air that is being drawn in. During the cooling season, the process is reversed and the exhaust air is used to cool the new air being drawn in. The result is not only an efficient means of ventilation and air circulation but a proven way to reduce energy usage. An ERV can also maintain a consistent humidity level during all types of weather conditions.

Climate Control also features Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) which are essentially the same. The biggest difference is an HRV doesn’t do as good a job of keeping humidity levels constant, but they are still effective in climates like we have on the Western Slope. Our winters are cold and dry, and the humidity levels generally stay quite low during the summer.

Most ERV’s and HRV’s are whole-house systems working in conjunction with your furnace and air conditioner and can be a part of your HVAC installation in Aspen. They can share existing ductwork or have their own ducts. The energy savings is a great benefit, but just as important is the improved air circulation. Ventilation, along with air purification, is necessary to dilute the odors, particulates, and volatile organic chemicals that can become trapped inside our homes. ERV and HRV systems are particularly important and effective in newer, tightly built homes and buildings.

When you’re considering your heating and air conditioning options in Aspen or the surrounding area, call Climate Control and learn more about how we can help your HVAC systems breathe. Along the way we can save you money and make your home safer and more comfortable. Just one more way we are comfort driven, Colorado style.